Julie Ferguson BIO & Beads


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Julie Ferguson (“Fergie”), a mother of four teenage boys, lives in Batesville, Mississippi, and has been making beads for eight years.  She is also the art director / juror liaison / artist liaison / assistant editor of the Bead Review series.  Her beads have appeared in all three Bead Review books, Dots by Brad Pearson and Deanna Dove, Step by Step Beads (October 2008), Just Plain Beads by Marjorie Langston & Deanna Griffin Dove, Encase It! by Deanna Griffin Dove. 

Fergie regularly spends more time experimenting with glass than she does producing for-sale beads.  She says this amuses her beadmaker friends, "but it also tends to set off a chain reaction of inspired experimenting on their parts as well . . . so they encouraged me to expand the information into a class/workshop!"  Julie says that preparing for the Hot Times demo not only became an invaluable learning experience, but it helped her become more organized and efficient in her testing methods.

Julie’s website is www.fergiebeads.com        




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