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  Presents  TINK! Martin

Southern Flames is sponsoring 2 classes with Tink Martin.  There will be two 2-day sessions offered:  April 27 & 28 (Thursday / Friday) and April 29 & 30 (Saturday / Sunday), 2006.  Both class sessions will cover the same material.  The Lottery will be held on March 6, 2006, at the Southern Flames Board Meeting.  This is to allow enough time before the Lottery for members to send in forms and checks.
Tink's class will include:

Miniature Blown Vessels - Intricate blown soft-glass vessel techniques developed by Tink over the past several years are demonstrated, discussed and practiced. We look at all aspects of the form: heat control, "reading" the glass, handles, glass stoppers and other adornments.

Wound Hollow Beads This class explores the science of, and techniques for creating mandrel wound hollow beads. Hollow beads make exceptional focal beads, as they allow for a larger bead with less weight. We look at all aspects of the form: heat control, "reading" the glass, embellishments, and variations, including creating a hollow-but-not-blown mandrel wound vessel. We also discuss common pitfalls and present easily applied solutions.

You may also get some of Tink's Tips and Tricks including glass compatibility stringer tests, Venetian glass pen techniques, implosion pendants, using PMC on glass, and making your own signature cane.
Some Flameworking experience is desirable.
Tink Martin - bio:
Recognized as an artist who enjoys the science of glass as much as the creative process, Tink is constantly pushing the limits of the medium. Best known for her intricate blown Effetre vessels and other hollow forms, her work has been featured in regional exhibits, and can be found at select galleries nationwide.

As an experienced and passionate educator, Tink teaches at the School of Art and Design at the Toledo Museum of Art and at venues worldwide. Her engaged teaching style, knowledge and enthusiasm for the medium make for classes that are full of fun, individual attention and "aha" moments. Tink shares every tip and trick in her arsenal, making certain that information is presented in various ways to meet the needs of all students.

Tink lives in Toledo Ohio's historic Old West End district with her partner, fellow glass artist and co-instructor John Cramer. They share their lives with one dog, three cats and one very exuberant cockatoo, Cosmo.
To see Tink's beads, check out her website at
Lottery Details
  • Class registration begins with this email announcement for students to send in their application and check (application form is attached).
  • Each interested member must complete a Tink Martin Lottery Form and provide a check for $280 made out to Southern Flames.  You may complete the attached form and bring it with your check to the February 18 meeting (additional forms will be available at the meeting).
  • If you would like to be included in the lottery you may mail a check payable to Southern Flames in the amount of $280 along with a completed copy of the attached Tink Martin Lottery Form to Southern Flames, c/o Kim Runge, 311 Peachtree Hills Avenue, Apt 11A, Atlanta, GA  30305.  Your check must be received by Saturday, March 4, 2006.   Kim will email you a confirmation that she has received your check and form, and you will be put into the lottery drawing.  If you do not receive a confirmation from Kim, she did not receive your check and form, and you will not be in the lottery.
  • There will be eight spots available in each class session.  Once all sixteen spots are filled, names will continue to be drawn for waiting list positions.  Please not on the form if you want to be places on wait list status.  Checks for wait list participants will not be deposited unless a class position opens for that person.  In the past, we have had students withdraw due to various emergencies and have actually placed the last person on the waiting list in the class.
  • Checks from lottery participants will be returned if the member is not selected in the lottery, unless the member indicates he or she would like to be on the waiting list.   In that event, checks will be held but not deposited unless a class position becomes available.
  • If at any time a wait list participant would like to be removed from the waiting list, he or she may notify Kim Runge, and she will return that person's check and remove them from the waiting list.
  • The check for the class is non-refundable.  If your name is drawn and you cannot attend the class, your spot will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.   You will be refunded your money if someone can take your spot.   This must go through the Treasurer and the waiting list. You may not directly sell or give your spot to another individual unless all wait-listed persons have declined to fill the spot.
  • The Tink Martin Lottery Form includes your name, address, phone number, email address, preference of class session, and whether you wish to be placed on the waiting list if your name is not initially drawn for a spot in the class.
  • If you can attend either class, you may indicate a preference, but could be put in your second choice class to allow Southern Flames members with less flexible schedules to still attend a class.  As an example: I say I can attend either session but prefer Sat/Sun. I'm selected and there is space in Sat/Sun, so I'm put in Sat/Sun.   Later, in the lottery when spaces are only left in Thur/Fri, someone is selected that can only come Sat/Sun, so I would be moved to Thur/Fri so that person could attend, too.
If the class is not full after the lottery...
Once the lottery is complete, if the classes are not full, an email will be sent to Southern Flames members giving them one additional week to register for the open spots on a first come, first placed basis via checks to Kim Runge either in person or at the address above.
If the classes are not full after the additional week of open registration for members, registration will be opened to the general glass community via web forums, emails, etc.   
If you have any questions about Tink's class or about the lottery, contact Southern Flames Event Coordinator , Robert Simmons, at


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