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  Presents  Gerry White


Using PMC with Glass!

September 13 and 14, 2008


We are very excited to announce that Gerry White has agreed to structure a pair of classes especially for Southern Flames, focusing on the uses of Precious Metal Clay (PMC) in conjunction with glass beads! 


Here's an opportunity to learn techniques you can use to add additional unique design elements to your beads!  Here's a way to enhance that bead you love but that has slightly wonky ends by making a killer bead cap to cover the tiny flaw!  Here's a chance to custom design silver accents for your beads and the jewelry you may make with them!


Two different classes are being offered, one on Saturday, September 13 and a second on Sunday, September 14.  You may register for either or both of the classes, but the Sunday class carries a prerequisite of either attendance at the Saturday class or a prior beginning or basic class in working with PMC. 





Class 1 Saturday, September 13:

This class will explore original PMC, tools, firing, and its uses, with special focus on use in enhancing glass beads.  With Gerry's expert guidance, you will have the opportunity to custom design bead caps, cones or frames specifically for your beads and learn to add them to your cold beads. You will also construct round or cylinder beads from PMC, make molds and learn finishing techniques.


Experience level:  Beginner and beyond.


Class 2 Sunday, September 14:

Create wonders using the new generation of PMC.  This clay has a lower firing temperature than the clay being used in Class 1, so it can be used to fire directly with glass objects.  Paint the surface of your beads with silver to create an image.  Make caps to be fired in place or use syringe clay to decorate.  Also enjoy a demo on adding silver to the inside of a glass bead. Make molds and learn finishing techniques.


Experience level: Attendance at Class 1 or previous basic instruction in PMC is a prerequisite to this class.


The cost of each class is $105.00, which includes all supplies, various types of PMC, mold materials, printed instructions and information, and use of all tools and play things.  Students will bring their own glass beads to include in their PMC designs.  Students may also wish to bring small buttons or other items which can be used to make molds from and/or to create texture. 


Below is a brief bio of Gerry for those who may not know her background other than as the owner of our Southern Flames "home."


Gerry White is the proprietor of Beads by Design, a bead, jewelry and glass supply center.  Her entry into jewelry began 25 years ago as an apprentice to a German master goldsmith in the Virgin Islands.  Returning to the mainland she was able to expand her creative field to include glass, then, as it developed, Precious Metal Clay.  As a certified instructor for 8 years she has been teaching new methods of making jewelry working with a great innovative product (PMC).


Placement of students in the classes will be by lottery, open only to Southern Flames members in good standing, as detailed below.



Lottery Details:


  • The lottery for class placement will be held at the Southern Flames Board Meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, August 4, 2008.  Any member of Southern Flames wishing to be present for the lottery drawing will be welcome to attend.  Please contact any Southern Flames board member for information on the location of the meeting.
  • Prior to the lottery, each interested member must complete a separate Lottery Form and provide a separate check for $105.00 made payable to Southern Flames for each class desired to be taken. 
  • Mail your completed Lottery Form(s) along with your check(s) payable to Southern Flames in the amount of $105.00 for each class, to Southern Flames, c/o Martha Fuerst, 2679 Mercedes Drive NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30345-3974.  Your check(s) must be received by Martha no later than Saturday, August 2, 2008.  Martha will email you a confirmation when she has received your check(s) and form(s), and you will be entered into the lottery drawing.  If you do not receive a confirmation from Martha within a reasonable time, please double check with her prior to the lottery as to whether or not she received your check(s) and form(s).  
  • Nine spots will be available in each class.  Once all nine spots are filled, names will continue to be drawn for waiting list positions.  Please note on your Lottery Form if you wish to be placed on waiting list status.  Checks for waiting list participants will not be deposited unless a class position opens for that person.  In the past, we have often had students withdraw due to various emergencies, and have actually been able to place the last person on the waiting list in the class, so there is a possibility that slots may become available to those on the waiting list.
  • Checks received from lottery participants who do not win class seats in the lottery will be destroyed unless the member indicates he or she would like to be on the waiting list.  In that event, checks will be held but not deposited unless a class position becomes available.
  • If at any time a waiting list participant would like to be removed from the waiting list, he or she may notify Martha Fuerst, and she will return that person's check and remove him/her from the waiting list.
  • Once you have been placed in a class, the class fee is non-refundable.  However, if you must ultimately withdraw from the class, your spot will be offered to those on the waiting list, if any.   You will be refunded your money only if someone takes over your spot.   This transaction must go through the Treasurer and the waiting list process. You may not directly sell or give your spot to another individual unless all wait-listed persons have declined to fill the spot.
  • At the beginning of class you will be asked to complete a liability waiver; only those who complete and sign the waiver may attend the class.  You will not be eligible for a refund of the class fee if you refuse to sign the waiver.  In addition, Southern Flames reserves the right to place class photos, which may include pictures of you and/or your class work, on its website.
  • The Lottery Form asks for your name, address, phone number, email address, preference of class session, and whether you wish to be placed on the waiting list if your name is not initially drawn for a spot in the class.


If the class is not full after the lottery...


If any class seats are open after completion of the lottery process, an email will be sent to Southern Flames members announcing an additional one-week period during which registration for the open spots will be available only to Southern Flames members, on a first come, first placed basis, by delivery of checks to Martha Fuerst, either in person or by mail to the address above.  If class seats remain open after the additional week of members-only registration, the class will be opened to the general glass community via announcements in web forums, emails, etc.   


If you have any questions about this class or about the lottery, contact Margo Knight at


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