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  Presents  Marcy Lamberson

Sculptural Beads

Living the Sculptural Glass Life a Little Off Balance.

February 19-20, 2009 and February 21-22, 2009


Southern Flames is pleased and excited to sponsor classes with our own Marcy Lamberson!  Two 2-day sessions will be offered:  Thursday-Friday, February 19-20, 2009, and Saturday-Sunday, February 21-22, 2009.  Both class sessions will cover the same material.  The cost of the two-day class will be $135.00. 

Marcy’s class will be entitled “Living the Sculptural Glass Life a Little Off Balance.”

     Class Objectives:

Main:  To teach by breaking down glass Sculpture techniques into easy steps and keeping it fun.

Sub:  Basic Shapes - using what you already know and translating it into sculpture.

Sub:  Creative ways of using the tools you have as well as an introduction to new ones.

Sub:  Heat Control and asymmetrical balance while torching.

Sub:  Translating 3-D and 2-D inspiration into beads.

Sub:  Technique Details- like skin, fur, hair, facial expressions and a handout.

Sub:  Adding fun to your sculptures- it's all in the little details.

  Day 1:

Getting comfortable with glass sculpture by using some shapes and tools that you already know.  We'll take basic lampworking shapes as the start-off point and turn them into simple sculptural items -- e.g., turn donut shapes into birds, bicones into seashells, lentils or tabs into flowers or faces, cones into cupcakes or owls, etc.

 In addition to working with the shapes, we'll also focus on techniques and tools pertinent to the different items. 

Day 2:

Ah, the fun day.  We'll be doing more complex sculptural pieces and combining some of the techniques that we learned the day before.  On top of that, we'll be working more with heat control, so it makes it to the kiln.  We’ll also work with facial expressions, proportions and creative details.


Supplies:  Students will supply their own tools and glass to be used in the class (mostly standard colors of Morretti/Effetre).  A specific materials/supply list will be sent to students after the lottery.

Experience level: Intermediate. Students should have completed some form of basic glass bead making instruction, either self–taught or otherwise. The class covers a broad array of techniques and offers challenging applications for a wide variety of skill-levels.


Marcy’s Bio:

 Marcy Lamberson is a whimsical glass beadmaker,  teacher, blogger, and personal glass coach.  She has been torching for 8 years, and loving every minute of it.  Her converted sunroom glass studio overlooks her backyard which is populated with all kinds of birds and wildlife who often get kidnapped and made into amusing beads.

 She loves teaching and her daily blog, includes a daily dose of inspiration, online coaching and glass tidbits.  Her Etsy shop can be found at  For more information, visit Marcy’s website at


Placement of students in the classes will be by lottery, open only to Southern Flames members in good standing, as detailed below.


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