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  Presents  Barbara Becker Simon 


Glass Beads, Precious Metal Clay, Objects d'Art, and Fine Art to Wear

PMC Cores for Glass Beads

September 9-10

 We are very pleased to announce that Barbara Becker Simon is coming to Atlanta to teach her wonderful PMC Cores for Glass Beads for Southern Flames!  One class will be offered:  Thursday-Friday, September 9-10. The cost of the class will be $300.00 (Members) and $325.00 (Non Members)

 CLASS CONTENT: On day one, we will make metal clay armatures using simple construction methods, exploring texture and joining techniques. We will fire the metal clay pieces and then give them a high shine. On day two we will mount the silver cores on mandrels then build soft glass beads on top. Procedures for cleaning and polishing will be covered.

MATERIALS: Students will supply their own glass to be used in the class (mostly standard colors of Moretti/Effetre) and standard tools. A specific materials/supply list will be sent to students after the lottery. This will include PMC related materials.

EXPERIENCE LEVEL:  This class is suitable for beginner (with some experience) to intermediate bead makers. However, students must have some knowledge of the basic construction processes of metal clay--this workshop is not suitable for absolute beginners in PMC.

* A beginner PMC class is being offered at Beads By Design. Check their website for details.  http://beadsbydesign.us/

 SELECTION: Initial Placement of students in the classes will be by lottery, open only to Southern Flames members in good standing.

If the class is not full after the lottery... 

If any class seats are open after completion of the lottery process, an email will be sent to Southern Flames members announcing an additional period (usually about a week) during which registration for the open spaces will remain available only to Southern Flames members, on a first come, first placed basis, by delivery of checks to the Treasurer, either in person or by mail to the address above.  

If class seats remain open after the additional members-only registration period, class registration will be opened to the general glass community via announcements in web forums, emails, etc.    Of course, Southern Flames members may still enroll for available spaces after registration has been opened to the public, but they will no longer be given preference and spaces will be filled on a first come-first served basis. 

If you have any questions about this class or about registration, contact Suzanne Patterson at sspatt@mindspring.com  Check and registration forms should be sent to 

Southern Flames

c/o Suzanne Patterson

7055 Amberleigh Way

Duluth, Georgia 30097



ADDITIONAL DETAILS Eight spaces will be available in  the class  Once all eight spaces are filled, names will continue to be drawn for waitlist positions.  Please note on your Registration Form if you wish to be placed on waitlist status.  Checks for waitlist participants will not be deposited unless a class position opens for that person.  In the past, we have often had students withdraw due to various emergencies, and have actually been able to place the last person on the waitlist in the class, so there is a possibility that slots may become available to those on the waitlist.

If at any time a waitlist participant would like to be removed from the waitlist, he or she may notify the Treasurer, and she will return that person's check and remove him/her from the waitlist.

Once you have been placed in a class, the class fee is non-refundable.  However, if you are ultimately unable to attend the class, you should notify the Treasurer and/or the Event Coordinator, and your space will be offered to those on any waitlist.  You will be refunded your money only if someone takes over and pays for your class space.  The process of filling vacated class spaces must go through the Treasurer/Event Coordinator and the waitlist process. You may not directly sell or give your space to another individual unless all waitlisted persons have declined to take over the space.

At the beginning of the class you will be asked to complete a liability waiver; only those who complete and sign the waiver may attend the class.  You will not be eligible for a refund of the class fee if you refuse to sign the waiver.  In addition, Southern Flames reserves the right to place class photos, which may include pictures of you and/or your class work, on its website.


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