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The Southern Flames Present Michael Barley

       March 17-18, 2011 and March 19-20, 2011   

 Southern Flames is excited to sponsor classes with Michael Barley!  Two 2-day sessions will be offered:  Thursday-Friday, March 17-18, 2011 and Saturday-Sunday March 19-20, 2011.  The cost of the class will be $400.00. This is a fantastic price for such a prominent glass artist. 

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Michael Barley Class Description

Michael has been making glass beads for twenty years and has developed many unique and interesting ways of working with glass. Using Effetre glass and propane/oxygen torches, he will share many of these techniques with the class. You will learn different ways to blend colors to create a personal palette specific to your individual needs. Although this class is not designed for beginning students, you will learn new ways to shape your beads using simple tools. You'll learn ways to use silver leaf in combination with a few basic colors to achieve results that look very similar to some of the new and expensive silver glass that is currently so popular. If you have problems clear casing your beads, Michael will show you techniques to case your beads without bubbles, scum or distortion in your designs. You are guaranteed to leave the class with many new ideas to enhance your own designs and the inspiration to take your beads in new and interesting directions. You can see more of Michaelís work at

 Experience Level: Beyond Beginner to Intermediate and beyond.


Lottery Details:

Martha Fuerst
2679 Mercedes Drive NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30345-3974


If the class is not full after the lottery...

If any class seats are open after completion of the lottery process, an email will be sent to Southern Flames members announcing an additional period (usually about a week) during which registration for the open spaces will remain available only to Southern Flames members, on a first come, first placed basis, by delivery of checks to the Treasurer, either in person or by mail to the address above.

 If class seats remain open after the additional members-only registration period, class registration will be opened to the general glass community via announcements in web forums, emails, etc.    Of course, Southern Flames members may still enroll for available spaces after registration has been opened to the public, but they will no longer be given preference and spaces will be filled on a first come-first served basis.

 If you have any questions about this class or about the lottery, contact Southern Flames Treasurer Martha Fuest.


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