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Michael Barley Lottery Form



  Present  Michael Barley

Southern Flames is sponsoring 2 classes with Michael Barley.  There will be two 2-day sessions offered: December 4 & 5 (Saturday/Sunday) and December 6 & 7 (Monday/Tuesday), 2004.  Both class sessions will cover the same material.


Michael will be teaching a variety of techniques that he has been working with for more than 10 years, such as unusual color layering, chemical reaction between Moretti colors and silver leaf, heavy encasement, watercolor shards, unique latticino construction, various bead shapes including large lentils, etc.  You’ll be encouraged to experiment with the techniques to help enhance your personal style of beadmaking.     


To see Michael’s beads, check out his website: 


Michael’s class will cost $350.00 for Southern Flames members in good standing and $375.00 for non-members.  In order to be in good standing a member must be current on dues and fees.   Students will provide their own tools and Moretti glass to be used in class (materials list to be provided prior to class), and Southern Flames will provide students with some additional materials such as frit, silver leaf, etc. (included in your class fee). 


Two things will be a little different about this lottery:


 1.    The new rule relating to instructors sponsored multiple times by Southern Flames, will be in effect for this class.   This does not necessarily preclude those who took Michael’s class last year from taking it again, but it does afford a first chance at lottery placement to members who haven't previously taken the class through Southern Flames.   Therefore, class slots will first be filled by drawing from the group of lottery participants who have not previously taken Michael’s class through Southern Flames.  After the names of all “first timers” are drawn, a second drawing will immediately take place from the remaining lottery participants for any slots not already filled and for waiting list placement.  So, if you took Michael's Southern Flames class before and are interested in taking it again, be sure to send in your check and form by October 1, so your name can be entered in the second drawing the evening of the lottery. 


2.   Due to the timing of meetings and classes, this lottery will be held at the October 4 Board Meeting instead of at a Member meeting.  If you would like to attend the beginning of the Board meeting to witness the lottery, please contact Nita VanTil for directions as Board Meetings are not at Beads by Design.  


Since this lottery will not be at a member meeting, it is highly recommended that you either bring your check and lottery form to the September 11 member meeting or mail your lottery form and check to Kim Runge (details below) to be received by the October 1  deadline. 


Lottery Details


 If the class is not full after the lottery…


If you have any questions about Michael Barley’s class or about the lottery, contact Southern Flames Vice President, Kristy Nijenkamp, at

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Michael Barley Lottery Form