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Sylvie Landsdowne Lottery Form



  Present  Sylvie Lansdowne

Southern Flames

Southern Flames is sponsoring 2 classes with Sylvie Elise Lansdowne.  There will be two 2-day sessions offered: April 14 & 15 (Thursday/Friday) and April 16 & 17 (Saturday/Sunday), 2005.  Both class sessions will cover the same material.

 Sylvie is one of our very own Southern Flame Members, and has generously discounted her normal class fee as a member benefit to Southern Flames…this provides an excellent opportunity for members to take an extremely high-quality and sought after glass beadmaking class at a tremendous reduction.   Thank you, Sylvie!!!

 Sylvie’s class will cover the techniques that are the core of Sylvie’s bead designs:  surface decoration and sculptural techniques.    The demonstrations and lecture will include:

-          Creating fancy encased cane for use in surface designs such as florals;

-          Decorative encased florals;

-          Using dichroic glass in floral or landscape beads through a Tiffany inspired vessel;

-           The use of enamels, reduction frit, silver, gold and palladium leaf and dichroic glass as surface decoration;

-          Sculptural bead forms…Hollow Fun Fish, Shimmering Dragonfly, Sculpted Face;

-          Finally, if time allows….combining the techniques of sculpture and decoration with a look at Sylvie’s mermaids and/or fairy beads.

 This is a two-day workshop appropriate for “advanced beginners”  those with torch experience on a minor bench burner or similar torch, comfortable with making a base bead shape but ready for more.

 Sylvie’s class will cost $ 125.00 for Southern Flames members in good standing ($150.00 for non-members if classes not filled by members); class placement will be determined via a lottery (see details below).  In order to be in good standing a member must be current on dues and fees.   Students will provide their own tools and Moretti glass to be used in class (materials list to be provided prior to class), and Southern Flames will provide students with some additional materials such as dichroic glass, gold and palladium leaf, pixie dusts and frits/powders, etc. (included in your class fee).

To see Sylvie’s beads, check out her website:    

More about Sylvie Lansdowne:

 A glass artist known for her glass Mermaids, Fairies, Angels and Floral beads as well as her innovative beadworking projects incorporating her whimsical designs and her lampworked glass beads, Sylvie Elise Lansdowne has a signature style which is easily recognizable due to it's rich use of color and intricate surface decoration.

Her artistic journey has taken her from fabric design to glass beads and jewelry design to beadweaving, project creation and instruction. The meandering continues with a new interest in mixed media art doll creation and the continual development of new creative ideas.

Sylvie's work has appeared in Cindy Jenkin's Beads of Glass as well as in A Beader's Reference by Jane Davis. Projects in Beadwork have also featured her beads which have been sold to collectors both in the U.S. and internationally.

Although she has retired her original line, her new line of even more detailed work is now available at select bead stores across the country, at national bead shows and through her website.

A glass instructor for the past 5 years, Sylvie enjoys teaching as an extension of her art....the ability to share her knowledge and help her students to develop their own excitement for glass. She has continued sharing this excitement for color and design teaching her beadworking projects across the country to a new group of beadworkers and designers.

Living in the metro-Atlanta area with her husband and two boys, Sylvie works out of her home studio which is ever-filled with scraps of fabric, doodles, beads and glass rods waiting to become the next Sylviebead whimsical creation.

   Lottery Details  

  If the class is not full after the lottery…

Once the lottery is complete, if the classes are not full, an email will be sent to Southern Flames members giving them one additional week to register for the open spots on a first come, first placed basis via checks to Kim Runge either in person or at the address above.

 If the classes are not full after the additional week of open registration for members, registration will be opened to the general glass community via web forums, emails, etc.

If you have any questions about Sylvie Lansdowne class or about the lottery, contact Southern Flames Vice President, Kristy Nijenkamp, at

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Sylvie Landsdowne Lottery Form