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  Present  Brad Pearson

Southern Flames is sponsoring 4 days of classes with Brad Pearson May 12 – 15, 2005.  There will be two one day classes and each will be offered twice.  The first focusing on Shaping and the second on Large Mandrel beads.  The Shaping class will be offered on Thursday (May 12) and Saturday (May 14).  The Large Mandrel class will be offered on Friday (May 13) and Sunday (May 15).    

 These intermediate/advanced classes will cover complex pattern creation, shaping graceful beads, and good design.  Form, color and function will be discussed and students will be encouraged to improve upon there own existing style, by refining both their sense of shape and color.  Both classes will be partially driven by the students’ special requests and interests.


We will talk about what makes a good bead, and move on to creating donut shapes, round beads, long beads—getting perfect ends every time—and long bead variations.  We will discuss problems and hints and cover theory of glass and shaping with surface tension and gravity.  Each lesson builds upon and enforces the previous demo.  Where there are different methods to build a particular shape, we will touch upon reasons to choose one technique over another one.  We will achieve complex pattern decorations on these beads by using the overlay technique.


This class continues to build on the basics that were presented in the shaping class, but it may be taken on its own.  We will focus on making beads on large mandrels from ¼” to ½” in diameter, and will cover disk beads with twisted cane (pinwheel series), decorating with raking (pulsars or star beads), and using only texture as the design element (medallion series). l.

Brad is a full time glass artist from Richmond, VA.  He attended Virginia Commonwealth University, one of the largest art schools on the east coast.  While there, he took a glassblowing class on a whim and the rest was history.  Brad has worked with glass for over 8 years including a part time job for several years in a scientific glass shop (Research Glass) where he was able to practice the precision that you will see in his work today.  You can learn more about Brad and see lots of examples of his work on his website:

 Lottery Details

 Since these are two separate classes, there will be two lotteries.  We will hold the lottery for the most popular of the two classes first, determined by larger number of lottery entries.  The following rules apply to each lottery. 

If the class is not full after the lottery…

Once the lottery is complete, if the classes are not full, an email will be sent to Southern Flames members giving them one additional week to register for the open spots on a first come, first placed basis via checks to Kim Runge either in person or at the address above. 

If the classes are not full after the additional week of open registration for members, registration will be opened to the general glass community via web forums, emails, etc. 

If you have any questions about Brad Pearson's classes or about the lotteries for them, contact Southern Flames Vice President, Kristy Nijenkamp, at  

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Pearson Lottery Form-SHAPING       Pearson Lottery Form-LARGE MANDREL