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Lost and Found Photos



Aug 2022 - Annual Bead Exchange!


July 2022 - Painting on Glass and Geometric Beads


June 2022 - ISGB Gathering Discussion


May 2022 - The Beautiful Pansy!


Apr 2022 - Tips & Tricks - Getting the Most from Your Glass


Mar 2022 -  Tour of FlameTree Glass


Feb 2022 - Leprechauns!!


Jan 2022 - Tie-Dye Beads!




Dec 2021 - Virtual Holiday Celebration


Nov 2021 - Holiday Beads!


Oct 2021 - Beads of Courage!


Sept 2021 - Bee on a Bead!


Aug 2021 - Annual Bead Exchange


July 2021 - Shards!


June 2021 - Coldworking


May 2021 - Marbles!


Apr 2021 - Darling Chickens!


Mar 2021 - Shamballa Bracelet


Feb 2021 - Glass Color Blending


Jan 2021 - Double Helix Garage Sale Glass Magic




Dec 2020 - Holiday Celebration and Gift Exchange


Nov 2020 - Landscape Beads!


Oct 2020 - Halloween Spooktacular


Sept 2020 - Dog Balancing!!


Aug 2020 - Annual Bead Exchange


July 2020 - Using Enamels to Enhance Our Beads


Feb 2020  - Complex Twisted Cane


Jan 2020  - What Can I Make Today?



Dec 2019 - Holiday Party!


Nov 2019 - Implosions


Oct 2019 - Working with Gold


Sept 2019 - Beads of Courage Day


Aug 2019 - Colored Pencil on Glass


July 2019 - Annual Bead Exchange


May 2019 - Double Shamballa Bracelet


Apr 2019 - Glass Feathers


Mar 2019 - Glass Casting - Part 3


Feb 2019 - End of Day Beads


Jan 2019 - Glass Casting - Part 2



Dec 2018 - Winter Wonderland Holiday Party


Nov 2018 - Glass Straws


Oct 2018 - Hollow Beads


Sept 2018 - Glass Casting - Part I


Aug 2018 - Annual Bead Exchange


June 2018 -3D Murrini Application!!


May 2018 - Exploring Double Helix Oracle Black


Mar 2018 - Jewelry-making Workshop for ISGB Silent Auction


Feb 2018 - Enamel Painting on Glass!


Jan 2018 - Flying Hearts! 




Dec 2017 - Holiday Party!


Nov 2017 - Show & Tell & Jewelry Project


Oct 2017 - Dichro Magic!


Sept 2017 - All About Frit!!!


Aug 2017 - Annual Bead Exchange!


July 2017 - Boro Spacers - Stephanie White


June 2017 - Blown Glass Ornaments - Stephanie White


May 2017 - Soldered Rings - Gerry White & Pat Lillie


Apr 2017 - Swap Meet - Open Torch


Mar 2017 - Bunnies! - Marcy Lamberson


Feb 2017 - Sweet Hearts! - Lynn Short


Jan 2017 - Let There be Birds! - Margo Knight



Dec 2016 - Festivity of Friends and Frit Holiday Party (coming soon)


Nov 2016  -  Make and Take Dragon Tail Bracelet


Oct 2016  - BOC Open Torch Night


Sept 2016 - Murrini Dot Bead - Stephanie White


Aug 2016 - Annual Bead Exchange!


July 2016 - International Artist Visit - Shruti Dev!


June 2016- Lampwork and Fusing - Stephanie White


Apr 2016 - Bubble-Eye Fish - Maureen McRorie


Mar 2016 - Bobbin Beads - Stephanie White


Feb 2016 - Tiny Stringer and Hanabi Cane - Margo Knight


Jan 2016 - Bead Liners & Caps - Stephanie White



Dec 2015 -Holiday Party!!


Nov 2015 -Adventures in EDP and Copper Green - Lynn Short


Oct 2015 -What they were wearing at the October SF meeting


Oct 2015 -Cabochons - Karen & Larry Barefield


Sept 2015 -Little Fat Birds - Nita Van Til


Aug 2015 -Bead Exchange!


July 2015 -BOC Bingo Party!


June 2015-Grinding & Polishing Party!!


May 2015 -Dogwood Flower - Marcy Lamberson


Apr 2015 -Flower Murini - Creation and Application - Stephanie White


Feb 2015 -Ugly / Extreme Bead Challenge Makeover


Jan 2015 -Shape & Strike - Marcy;  Shape & Strike - Brad




Dec 2014 - Snowflake Social


Nov 2014 -Holiday Beads


Oct 2014 -Shards!


Sept 2014 - Focus on Shape, Size & Color Intensity


Aug 2014 -The Bead Exchange!


July 2014 -Make It / Take It Lucky Seven Bracelet


June 2014 -Raven Cooper's Beautiful Twisted Cane


May  2014 -BOC Open Torch Night with Japanese and Minor Torches


Apr  2014 -Lance McRorie's Wonderful Soft Glass Dichro Vortex Marbles


Mar  2014 - Margo Knight's Magical Eye Bead


Feb  2014  -Recycled Glass

            - What They Were Wearing


Jan 2014 - Project Lampwork




Dec 2013 -Christmas Party


Nov 2013 -Silent Auction


Oct 2013 -Brad Shute - Silver Glass


Sept 2013 -Marcy Lamberson - Black Cats!


Aug 2013 -Annual Bead Exchange (Photos by Greg Short)


July 2013 -Andrea Winkler - Easy Metal Project


June 2013 -Julia Benson-Slaughter - Zen of Boro


May 2013 - Sylvie Lansdowne's Unfortunate Pets


April 2013 -Selling at Art Shows



March 2013 - Experiments in Color Blending & Extreme Bead Makeover Continues

February 2013 - Extreme Bead Makeover


January 2013 - Flat Lap Grinder


    Flat Lap Grinding - Reveal the beauty within.

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November 2012 - Meetings and Field Trips!!


October 2012 - Now On Sale at the High Museum


September 2012 - BOC Award



August 2012 - Gathering Report and Bead Swap


July 2012 - Gerry and Stephanie White - Shamballa Bracelet Class


Sept 2011 - Sara Beech Demo; BOC Snowmen

June 2011 - Diane Kovach "Make-a-Ring"

May 2011 - Hans Godo Frabel Demo

January 2011 - DemoPalooza and Sara Sally LaGrande



December 2010 - Holiday Party


November 2010 - Cobb Gem and Mineral Show


November 2010 - Project Lampwork

August 2010 - Gathering & Bead Swap

July 2010 - Beads of Courage

June 2010 -


May 2010 - Silent Auction

April 2010 - Stephanie White Demo - Butterfly Murrine

March 2010 - Janelle Zorko Demo


February 2010 - Caitlin Hyde Demo


January 2010 - Don Meadows Horsehead Demo



December 2009 - Holiday Tree


November 2009 - All Member Show

October 2009

September 2009


August 2009

July 2009

June 2009

May 2009

April 2009


March 2009


Feb 2009


Jan 2009 (Photos by  Andrew Lunde & the Web Mama)



Dec 2008 (Photos by  Andrew Lunde & the Web Mama)

Nov 2008

Oct 2008


Sept 2008

Aug 2008

July 2008

June 2008

May 2008

April 2008

March 2008

February 2008


January 2008



December 2007


November 2007

October 2007


September 2007


July 2007 GATHERING - Minneapolis

July 2007

June 2007

May 2007



Oct 2006 Member Meeting ( by Bonnie Anderson)

May 2006 Member Meeting ( by Bonnie Anderson)

April 2006 Tink Martin Demo (photos by Bonnie Anderson, Robert Simmons & Joan Houghton Theall)

March 2006 Silent Auction

Feb 2006 Pam Dugger Demo

Jan 2006 Bead Exchange


Dec 2005  Holiday Party

  • December Meeting Holiday Party and Gift Exchange.  Photos by Joan Houghton Theall.

  • Cookie Challenge - Instead of a bead challenge this month, there was a cookie challenge.  Photos by Robert Simmons

Nov 2005  Beads, Beads, Beads

September 2005 Meeting   Announcements, Lottery, Logo and more.

September 2005  Meeting -Andrew Jackson Pollack Demo - Photos by Bonnie Anderson

  • Page 1  Jackson makes the crawfish that will decorate the stem.

  • Page 2  The Goblet top is fashioned.

  • Page 3  The Goblet stem, top and crawfish are attached to each other.

  • Page 4  The finished Goblet and some more of Andrew's work.

August 2005 Garage Sale    Glass, Glass, Glass.  Tools, Tools, Tools. Bargains, Bargains, Bargains. What could be more fun at a Southern Flames meeting.

August 2005 Gathering Tools and More See some of the new tools brought back from the Gathering and the Bead Challenge Beads.

August 2005 Gathering Beads  Photos of Lucio Bubbaco sculptures and beads brought back from the Gathering for all of us to look at and enjoy.

August 2005 Louisville Gathering A few photos from the Louisville Gathering.  If you more to share, send them and we'll post them.

July 2005 - Brian Renoud Demo  Brian Renoud demo'd how to make those mysterious  Inside Out Beads and Bonnie Anderson took the photos and put them together into a Scrapbook page.

June 2005 Show Tell Swap Sell Photos from our All-Member show.

May 2005 Meeting Lots of Members and lots of beads - including the Gathering Beads, large beads for the Bead Challenge, beads by Brian Renoud and more.

May 2005 Meeting  Brad Pearson Demo and Beads The centerpiece of the May Meeting was the demo by Brad Pearson.  See photos of the demo taken by Robert Simmons and photos of Brad's beads - many of which were sent to us by Debbie Neis a new member from Alabama..

May 2005 - Brad Pearson Class  Brad taught two classes - one on shaping and masking and a second on making beads using large mandrels.  See photos from the Thursday/Friday classes - again many were taken by Debbie Neis.

May 2005 - Beadmaking Extravaganza Southern Flames Members gathered for 12 hours to make beads to decorate the Louisfille Gathering Bags. Nita VanTil organized an event that produced many beads and even more good spirits.

Showcase - Don Meadows Gorgeous Goblets and dazzling plates by Don Meadows.

April  2005 - Sylvie Lansdowne Demo and Beads  See the bead that Sylvie made at the April meeting as well as photos of her other whimsical beads and kits.

April 2005 - Sylvie Lansdowne Classes   Photos of both classes and of the demo beads and the beads made by students.  It was a WONDERFUL class.

April 2005 - Board Member Photos  See photos of the new Board of Directors for 2005-6.

Showcase - Simmons and Simmons  Robert and Camille Simmons combine his lampwork and her beadwork into incredible jewelry.

March  2005 - Walter Green Photo Essay  Another wonderful photo essay of our March Meeting featuring a Leah Fairbanks Demo

March 2005 - More Meeting Photos  with closeups of the Challenge Beads by Robert Simmons and moe meeting photos by Marcy Lamberson.

March 2005 - Leah Fairbanks Beads  and a photo of the Thurs/Fri class.

Feb 2005 - Sweetheart Bead Exchange.  Walter Green has put together a wonderful photo essay about our annual Bead Exchange.

Jan 2005 - Meeting   New Members and the Winter Bead challenge.

Jan 2005 - Jen Geldard Demo and Beads  Photos of Jen Gelderd's beads by Marcy Lamberson.

Jan 2005 - Jen Geldard Class Photos   Darlene Balkum and Robert Simmons sent us these photos.



Dec 2004 - Christmas Tree and Potluck  See photos of the Christmas Tree, the Potluck and the Bead Challenge.

Dec 2004 - Michael Barley  A few photos of Michael Barley's demo and lots of his new work.

Dec 2004 - Meet More of our Members  Did you know that we have more than 90 members.

The Frit Connection   Need Frit?? Check out these photos!

Oct 2004 - Lauri Copeland Demo and Beads  Lauri Copeland gave SF members a wonderful introduction to working with Boro glass at our October meeting.

Oct 2004 - Member Meeting  "Boo" was the theme of the October Bead Challenge.  Please help us identify some of the artists who contributed beads.

Sept 2004 - Stevi Belle Demo   A wonderful vessel demo along with photos of Stevi's amazing beads.

Sept 2004 - Miss September & Meet Our Members    Stephanie White is our member of the month and we have lots of photos of other members.

Sept 2004 - Chocolate Cake &  RWB  Beads Carl Andrews brought another of his skyscraper layer chocolate cake creations.  Lots of photos of the cake and of the red white and blue beads submitted for the bead Challenge

August 2004 Meeting:  Share & Tell  Andree Kozak and Stephanie White described their trip to Provence to learn Pate de Verre and work with Kristina Logan.  Photos by Walter Green.

August 2004 Mr August &Meet the Members  Don Meadows is our "Member of the Month" and photos of other members include Jo Hoffacker and Renee Mulder who will be starting an ISGB chapter in South Carolina.

July 2004 Member of the Month  Joan Houghton -Theall is featured this month - very appropriate because of the amazing silver capped bead demo that she did for us.

July 2004 Bead Challenge - Vacation/Travel   Marcia Manual won the challenge but check out everyone's beads.  If you recognize one that we have not please let us know who made it.

June 2004 Meeting:  RAZZLE DAZZLE  Three challenges (dichro, appetizers, desserts), a garage sale, a display of bead displays and a demo by Sylvie!  So much to do and see and so much fun!

June  2004 : Methods for Displaying Beads In preparation for the Smyrna Library show in August, members shared ways to display beads.

Chihuly Installation  Marcy Lamberson sent us these beautiful photos of the Chihuly installation at the Atlanta Botanic Garden. The exhibit runs through October.  Click here for Visitor Information.

May  2004 Meeting  The first meeting at which our new Board presided plus a photo of Camille and Robert Simmons.

May 2004  Deanna Griffin Dove Demo  Photos of her demo and her beads.  Thank you Deanna.

April  2004 Meeting Team Beading and Bead Sharing  A cross between musical chairs and round robin team bead making was fun!  While some made beads other brought their work to share.

April Fool Bead Challenge and Bead Sharing   The challenge this month was Aprils Fools

2004-2005 Board Members   Photos of Southern Flames 2004-5 Board Members

March  2004 Meeting   Cristie Prince demo'd how to make glass bead wine-stoppers. Gerry White taught us more about using gold and silver wire and PMC clay when we incorporate beads into jewelry. Lewanda Hardy showed us how to make wire wrapped bead rings and we all made one.

March  2004  St Patrick's GREEN Bead Challenge More members than ever before contributed beads to this challenge.  Help us identify the artists so we can put their name next to their bead.  The Challenge drawing was one by Bonnie Anderson.

February  2004 Meeting - Bead Exchange

This exchange was so much fun as members got attached to the beads they selected, only to have them stolen away by other members.  To see how this type of exchange works,  you can click here. 

Bead Exchange Beads  Close ups of some of the beads that were exchanged - who made them and who won them.  Check back because we should be getting some more photos to post.

February  2004 Meeting - Sweetheart Challenge Beads The February Bead Challenge was "Sweethearts".  Photos of some of these beads as well as some of the other beads the members brought to share. 

Larry Scott Class Marjorie Gore took some wonderful technique photos at Larry's class.  We can only post a few here. 

January 2004 Meeting - Larry Scott Demo We were lucky to have Larry Scott give a demo for our members as part of our January meeting. 

January 2004 Meeting - Beads by Larry Scott For your viewing pleasure - photos of some of Larry Scott's beads.  Note: On 2/20 we posted some additional bead photos that Marjorie Gore contributed.

January 2004 Meeting - Member Beads We ask members to bring beads to show each other at each meeting.  See pictures of beads that were brought to the January meeting and help us to identify the beadmakers. 

Michael Barley Class Many of the students in the two classes Michael taught commented that it was one of the best classes they had ever been in.  Marjorie Gore took hundreds of photos - we could only put up a few here.  


December 2003 Meeting Large turnout, fabulous food, class drawing and an amazing demo by Michael Barley  (photos by Walter Green and Marjorie Gore; ham photo by Rick Hidding)

December 2003 Barley Beads Photos of the beautiful beads that Michael brought with him for us to admire  and buy. (photos by Walter Green)

December 2003 Barley Demo Photos of Michael Barley making his Chrysalis Bead. (photos by Marjorie Gore)

Our New Ventilation System Don Meadows built us a new ventilation system that will be used for Southern Flames classes and demos.  (photos by Walter Green)

Southern Flames Christmas Tree   -  page 1 See photos of 115 beads on the amazing Southern Flames Christmas tree. Beads on this page are by Angel Pruitt, Ann Schneider, Brian Renaud, Ed Mangiatifico, Kim Runge, Kristy Nijenkamp, Lewanda Hardy, Lillie Bavendam, Linda Edmunds, Lisa Ballouche and Marcy Lamberson.

Southern Flames Christmas Tree   -  page 2 Beads on this page are by Margo Knight, Marie Shackleford, Marjorie Gore, Michele Gill, Nita Van Til, Patsy Evins, Robert Simmons, Sachiko Kawakita, Sara Hoyt and Stephanie White.  The unidentified "orphan" beads are also on this page and we hope you can identify them.

November 2003 Meeting   In addition the Christmas Tree Raffle, we had four demos at the November Meeting,  Sara Hoyt demo'd a bicone and her silver/striking orange technique.  Kristy Nijenkamp demo'd a hollow bead. Walter Green showed us how to construct a simple setup for photographing beads and Linda Edmunds made a mermaid.

October 2003 Meeting Rod Andrews Boro Bracelet Demo  

Great photos by Walter green of a fabulous demo by Rod Andrews.

Sept  2003  Meeting -  Portraits of Members / Attendees

Sept  2003  Meeting - Making Beads and Shopping

August 2003 Meeting Post Gathering Bead Sharing -1    Margo Knight brought back the beads on this page to show to all of us who could not travel to Lowell, Mass to be there ourselves.   All of the photos were taken by Walter Green.

August 2003 Meeting Post Gathering Bead Sharing -2    

We think the beads on this page belong to Joanne Zekowski. 

August 2003 Meeting Post Gathering Bead Sharing -3    

More beads and Southern Flames members enjoying them at the August meeting. 

July 2003 Meeting Silent Auction and Party   Members contributed 56 items - beads, bead sets and finished jewelry for a silent auction that raised $1232.00.  

July 2003 Meeting Dessert and Drink Competition   Prizes were awarded based on attendees votes.  Best dessert was a chocolate cake made by Carl Andrews.  Best drink was a spicy lemonade made by Rick Hiddings

Southern Flames Post Cards  For the past two years, Rob Lansdowne has photographed beads made by Southern Flames members and designed a postcard  featuring member's work to be contributed to the ISGB for the Gathering.  The theme for the 2003 postcard is Tapestry and the postcard also appears on our home page.

Southern Flames Tote Bag  Rick Hidding has donated 50 of these tote bags to Southern Flames to be used for raising funds.   

June 2003 Meeting Demos  Sylvie Lansdowne demo'd her dragonfly and Margo Knight explained how to make ladybug murrini. 

June 2003 Meeting Bead Challenge   Theme was June Bugs 

May 2003 Meeting Bead Challenge   Theme was April Showers Bring May Flowers.  

April 2003 Meeting Swap and Shop:   Members at a monthly meeting held at Beads by Design.

April 2003 Meeting Bead Photos   Rob Lansdowne takes photos of member beads for 2003 Southern Flames Postcard.

Southern Flames Meeting:   Members at a monthly meeting held at Beads by Design.

Harlequin Bead Challenge:   Beads made by Southern Flames members using the Harlequin Pattern.  

Pati Walton Demo:   Pati Walton  well known for her Landscape and Aquarium Beads gives a demo at the March Meeting.

Green Bead Challenge:   Beads made by Southern Flames members in celebration of St Patrick's Day.  

Brian Renoud Demo:  Brian did a demo using borosilicate glass at one of our winter meetings.



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