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from Kristy Nijenkamp





Hi fellow beaders.  Okay, let’s see those BEAUTIFUL BEADS that we have been seeing here and there all year.   It’s time to gather our chapter’s beads to include in the Southern Flame postcard for the ISGB Gathering this summer. (Check our website to see past postcards on the main page and see how bead colors photograph, etc.)


This postcard is a wonderful opportunity to share our beads collectively as a group, and to highlight your work individually.   For those of you unfamiliar with this postcard project, ISGB (The International Society of Glass Beadmakers….under which we are a chapter) collects individual and group glass bead postcards and places them into bundles for sale at the annual gathering.   As a group, it is fun and inspiring to see how everyone’s glass voice grows and changes over the years.


Here’s the nitty gritty:


  1. Attached is a form for you to fill out with name, contact information, bead orientation for photography, etc.

  2. HARD DEADLINE, May 21 …really!  You have three meetings (a little over  two months) to get these beads in…March 19, April 26 and May 21.   Be sure to get them in on time; we want to showcase your  bead!

  3. If you cannot bring them to a meeting, you can drop them off at Beads By Design  and put them into the white mailbox, or mail them to me:


    Kristy Nijenkamp

    5050 Rosedown Place

    Roswell, GA  30076



  4. Regardless of how you submit them, please package them carefully into a protective box and place your form inside them as well as marking the box with your name.   If you want for me to mail your bead back to you, make sure the box can be mailed.

  5. If you drop off or mail them, please be sure to email me to let me know  they are on the way.  I will send a confirmation email with each bead   received via  meeting, drop off or mail

  6. How to choose??   Remember with selecting your bead for photography….sometimes a gorgeous bead does not photograph well….like some dichro beads or very dark beads with detail in dark or clear glass.  We will do our best to honor the beauty of your beads, but be sure to be proactive on how to best present your beads.


Don Meadows’ wife, Shannon, will be the photographer and designer person for this job. (Don, you owe Shannon BIG!  THANK YOU SHANNON BRICKEY for your time, energy and expertise; we are lucky and grateful!! )


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me (Kristy). 


Thanks everyone…and I so look forward to gushing over your beads (hidden volunteer benefit!).   I promise to take care of them and return them safely either by mail or at a meeting.  -- Kristy Nijenkamp





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