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Southern Flames


2009-10 BOARD


This is the  official ballot for the SF Board for the year 2009-2010.

 You must be a current SF member to vote – meaning you paid your dues for the 2008 – 2009 year.  If you aren’t sure your membership is current, please go ahead and vote and add a note to the email.  We will check your membership status and get back to you. You can pay dues on the SF website or in person at the next meeting, April 25.

Please vote by replying to this email and making your vote by placing an X next to the candidate.  You may still write in a candidate who you think would be a better officer. Please do this by adding the office and candidate to the end of the list of officers.


 We will also have paper ballots at the SF meeting Saturday, April 25.  Votes will be counted at the meeting and the new officers will be announced by the end of the meeting.

 Please remember, SF’s Board is led by two Co-Presidents who serve two year terms.  Andrew Lunde will be starting his second year and Diane Kovach is finishing her second year, so one Co-President’s office is open.

 Questions? Please contact Becky Sizemore at  or call 404-210-0790


Southern Flames


2009-10 Board Positions 

___   Co-president:  Becky Sizemore

 ___   Vice President:  Suzanne Patterson

 ___   Treasurer: Martha Fuerst

___   Secretary:  Maureen Lovell

___   Meeting Coordinator:  Cristie Prince

___   Event Coordinator:  Margo Knight



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