How It Works


  • Make a lovely bead (or bead set or bead jewelry).  Beginner's beads are as lovely and as well as those of all other levels.  We were all beginners and sometimes our first beads are our very favorites.

  • Wrap it up beautifully or creatively (Note the McDonalds bag in the photo! - there was a great bead in that). 

  • Make sure that you DO NOT identify who made the bead - either inside or outside the package.

  • When you come to the meeting there will be a place to drop off your bead.
  • Every one will pick a number from a hat - In this game a high number is good to have.
  • The person who picked Number 1 selects and opens a gift.
  • Now it's Number 2's turn.  Number 2 has a decision to make.  They can take the bead Number 1 has just opened or select and open a different bead.  If Number 2 decides to take Number 1's bead, then Number 1 gets to select a new bead from the unopened pile and open it.
  • Number 3 can select a wrapped bead or take Number 1's bead or Number 2's bead.
  • This continues until each person has had a turn. The higher your number, the less chance of someone taking the bead you picked.  Until the very last (highest number) person has their turn, nobody will know exactly which gift they will end up with!!
  • NOTE: Once a bead has been "stolen" 3 times, it is out of play - in other words the third person who steals a bead gets to keep it - no one can take it from them.