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  Eye Candy: The ISGB Member Showcase

Katherine Wadsworth,  editor of the ISGB Bead Release is  seeking images of your glasswork  to include in a new feature in The Bead Release. She writes:

"In the coming year, we will be highlighting the work of ISGB members on a special page featuring the best images of new and innovative work we receive.

To be included, the images must include glass beads handmade by ISGB members. They may include single beads, bead sets, jewelry, or any other object that incorporates hand-made glass beads by ISGB members.

Please send us digital images of your newest work, your best work, or your most innovative work. We would like to have more beautiful images for readers of The Bead Release to wonder over and be inspired by!

Please include your name, the city and state where you live, the year the work was created, and any photography credit along with each image you submit. Also, please include a brief description of how the work was made. You might include a description of the materials and methods, the size, your goals for the piece, or the source of inspiration.

If you send an image of an item that is the result of a collaboration, such as a piece of jewelry that incorporates other beadmakers' work, please include the names of everyone involved in creating the piece whenever possible.

How images will be chosen for print

We regret that we will not be able to print all of the images we receive. Images will be selected based on the quality of the digital image, the presentation of new or innovative work, and the harmony of the selected images together on the page. We will also make a strong effort to present a wide variety of work by different individuals over time.

The Bead Release reserves the right to edit images as needed for size and print quality, and to edit the descriptive information as needed. Images may also be retained for printing at a later date, and may appear in an Eye Candy display page on the ISGB Web site in future.

Please only submit images of your work if you agree to these conditions!


Files must be at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, with a minimum dimension of 3 inches by 3 inches, OR may be an unedited image taken with a 4 megapixel camera or better.

All images must be submitted on CD or disk. Due to time and budget constraints, we will not be able to return CDs or disks submitted. Please do not send slides or paper photographs.

Send CD or disk to:

Andrea Land, The Bead Release Designer
5256 W. 169th Street
Oak Forest, IL 60452-4446

Submission deadlines

You may send your images at any time, but if you would like your work to be considered for publication in a specific upcoming issue, then please send them by these deadlines:

Issue: Deadline:

Issue 1 - 2005: November 15th 2004 (scheduled for delivery February 10th2005)
Issue 2 - 2005: February 1st 2005 (scheduled for delivery April 25th 2005)
Issue 3 - 2005: May 1st 2005 (scheduled for delivery July 25th 2005)
Issue 4 - 2005: August 15th 2005 (scheduled for delivery November 15th 2005)


Please send any questions by e-mail to Thanks! "

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