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Southern Flames RECIPE File


from Don Meadows & Family


2 Lbs. of fresh cranberries (wash off cranberries, and take out bad ones)

2 large oranges (peel with knife and cut into chunks)

2 large boxes of cherry Jell-O

2 cups of pecans

3 cups of sugar

3 cups of boiling water


  1. Add cranberries and oranges to Cuisenart, and pulse

  2. Remove mixture and put in bowl

  3. Chop the pecans in the Cuisenart, remove and put in same bowl

  4. Dssolve Jell-O and sugar in boiling water.

  5. Add dissolved Jell-O mixture to bowl

  6. Using spoon or hand mixing utensil, mix bowl

  7. Put contents of bowl into 10 by 14 in. pan, and put in freezer.

  8. Refrigerate 4 hours (or until firm)

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