from Karen Barefield, Secretary

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Southern Flames Meeting July 18, 2007


Thank Gerry and Stephanie - Alice thanked Gerry and Stephanie for hosting Southern Flames meeting

Greet New Members and Guests
– There were no new members or guests

Problem Solving-have a question or problem, ask the group

1.    Renee Taylor offered an easy way to put hoses on the torch.  Put the end of the hose in hot water for 30 sec.  Take the hose out, blot the water off, and the hoses slip right on the connectors.

2.    Alice St. Germain has a new bead release, K.R.A.G mudd.  She stated that this was developed by a stained glass business, and that the release was easy to clean out of the bead holes, and left very little rough surface.  She passed around a ring she had made, and the bead hole was very smooth.  The website for it is http://www.kittrellriffkind.com/

Eye Candy – Bead Release – Due Dates  Issue 4:    August 1st  (delivery in early November)

Lottery for the Heather Trimlett class will be in August

Request Volunteers for

1 – Welcoming committee

2 – Take Pictures, meetings, demos, classes – give to Adele or Linda.  They can then put them in the scrapbook and on the website.

Qtrly report from Treasurer Kim Runge

SF has a little over $13,000.  The biggest expense has been the professional assistance in order to achieve non-profit status.  The silent auction and dues raise the most money for SF.  The tree raffle last year raised $125.  From Jan. 1 until the present time there has been $1425 received on memberships, and $637 on Torch Time.  It has been recommended that SF keep $5,000-6,000 in reserves at all times.  SF will have to make $25,000 before a tax return must be filed.

Silent Auction funds raised - almost $4000.

Funds allocation – survey/poll – Kim reported that there will be a survey/poll sent about how SF members want to spend some of the money.  Members were encouraged to start thinking of what items they would like to see.  Gerry White mentioned that there is an instructor that is offering classes for other bead making instructors.  She suggested that this might be of interest to SF members for a use of some of the money.

        Resource Cabinet Featured Items - Karen Barefield

Several items were featured.  The polariscope, wire working tool for making petals on flowers, and the book Just Plain Beads! by Deanna Griffin Dove, and Marjorie Langston.

Looking for a new librarian – Martha Fuerst has expressed interest. 

Website has been updated with photos and announcements

Have a look.   If you have an announcement for the web site, let Linda know, and she will post it

Gathering attendee? Are you looking for a roommate-raise your hand.

Folks missing a name badge,  please see Renee Taylor

1    Challenge: Multi-Colored – Mouse Pad as prize
– Brian Renoud won.

2       Former SF board Thank-you  presentations – Stacia

Stacia was not able to make it, her thank-you will be sent to her.

3       Larry Barefield demonstrated how to Anodize Niobium

Lottery for Dustin Tabor – Everyone who entered the lottery made it in.  There are 4 spots available for the Thurs.-Fri. session, and one for the Sat.-Sun. session.

Beads of Courage - Robert reported that 53 beads were sent in May to Beads of Courage.  Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is starting a program here in Jan. 2008.  They had contacted Robert to ask if we would send beads to their program.  He will keep members posted.  The Beads of Courage program wants beads only, no completed jewelry.





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