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The Resource Center is a cabinet located at Beads by Design.  Items in it can be borrowed for one month at Southern Flames meetings.  There is no fee to borrow an item but late fees apply - $5 for up to one month late; $5 per week after that.  Please read the complete set of rules below.

Rules for the Resource Center

CHECK OUT/CHECK IN:  Items can be returned throughout the month but can only be checked out at monthly meetings by the Resource Librarian.  Members renting torch time at Beads by Design can check out items for "in store use" but these items have to be returned before leaving the store.
FINES: If a member is over the meeting-to-meeting check out time, he/she  will be fined $5.00 per month for the first month and $5.00 for each week after the first month.  Weekly reminders from the librarian regarding the outstanding resource will be sent to the member along with an address that the member can use to mail the item back.  Insurance will be required for items returned by mail and delivery confirmation is suggested.  The member will be responsible for items lost in the mail.

MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING: If an item is not returned by the third meeting following checkout  the member will lose "member in good standing" status and borrowing privileges for six months. Those with outstanding resources will not be allowed to renew membership until the resource is returned or compensation made if the item is lost.

Listed below are items currently available as of 11/28/09.  If you have suggestions for additional items, please get in touch with a Board Member


  • Encase It by Deanna Griffin Dove

  • Glass Bead Workshop by Jeri Waraftig

  • The Beader's Guide to Color by Margie Deeb

  • The Beader's Color Palette by Margie Deeb

  • More than You Ever Wanted To Know About Glass Beadmaking  by James Kervin

  • The Complete Book of Glass Beadmaking by Kimberley Adams

  • Torchworked Marbles, Vol. 1 by Drew Fritts

  • 1000 Glass Beads – Lark Books

  • The Art of Beadmaking Dots:  The definitive Guide  - Deanna Griffin Dove & Brad Pearson (MISSING)

  • The Artist As Entrepreneur by Miriam Works

  • Boro Bead Magic – Recipe Cards  -  Doug Remschneider

  • The Enamel and Electroform Decorated Beads of Kate Fowle MeleneyJim Kervin

  • The Glass Flowers At Harvard -  Richard Evans Schultes and William A. Davis

  • Installing End Caps on Big Hole Beads  (2 copies) - Larry Barefield

  • Just Plain Beads  - Deanna Griffin Dove and Marjorie Langston

  • Passing the Flame -  Corina Tettinger

  • Postcard Binder

  • Project Workbook 2003 -  Kate McKinnon

  • Southern Flames Ventilation 101 for Lampworkers



  • Animal Beads by Lewis Wilson

  •  All That Glitters - Lisa St Martin 

  • Sculptural and Off Mandrel Beadmaking Techniques- Brad Pearson

  • Anatomy of the Figure  Lucio Bubacco

  • Chemeketa Community College, Master Flameworking Series – Lucio Bubacco

  • Smircich Makes Beads, Volume 1 Jim Smircich

  • Flamework:  An Intimate Art (3 disks),   Suellen Fowler

  • Corina Goes to Hollywood – Corina Tettinger

  • Brad Pearson Class Photos, May 13 & 14

  • Stevi Belle Class Photos – 2 disks

  • Hot Time in the Mountains 2004 – 2 disks

  • Silver Glass - Roccio Studio 



  • Using the Petal Puller Tool

  • Flamework:  An Intimate Art - Suellen Fowler

  • Where the Earth Meets the Sky - Josh Simpson

  • Advanced Lampworking Techniques

  • Kate Fowle’s Lampworked Beadmaking – An Introduction

  • The Bead Movement



  • Brent Graber

  • Andrew Jackson Pollock

  • Bronwen Heilman

  • Brian Renoud

  • Stevi Belle

  • Tink Martin

  • Tom and Sage Holland



  • Anodizing niobium kit

  • Leaf Tongs

  • Enamel Sifter

  • Glass Running Pliers

  • 5 Christmas Paper Punches

  • Large Petal Puller

  • Small Petal Puller

  • Infinite Marble Mold 

  • Hollow Mandrals, set of 6 (various sizes)

  • Poly IR Flip-up Shades 5.0 (5)

  • Custom Handheld Marver

  • Wire bending Pliers (3)

  • Polariscope

  • Steinart Optic mold – Star B-3

  • Steinart Optic mold – Flower B-12

  • Jim Moore Spiral Bead Press





  • Crystal Trio NEW

  • Lentil Press NEW

  • Zooziis Itty Bitty Press NEW

  • Flutterbies (2)

  • Sweetheart – large

  • Sweetheart – large

  • Pillow Trio

  • Hex Press

  • Medium Duo (missing)

  • Kalera – Long and Lean

  • Spiral Plank


  • Profitable Glass Issues


  • 2007 Gathering Photos



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