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 Silent Auction MAY 2010


25% of proceeds were donated the to Beads of Courage Program


Oxygen Plus Medical Systems 


DeVilbiss Solaris 505 5LPM Oxygen Concentrator


Blue Moon Glassworks


Creation Station



GTT: Glass Torch Technology (GTT)


The Cricket Torch by GTT

This torch is a standard surface mix burner featuring 5 jets. It is an entry to intermediate torch and was designed to get the best performance possible out of an economical 5 LPM 5 psi oxygen concentrator. The Cricket is not limited to small concentrator use, it does extremely well on 10 LPM concentrators as well as using tanked oxygen. This means that it maximizes the output of smaller oxygen concentrators and is very efficient on tanked oxygen too! It can be run on 1/4 psi fuel gas and 3 psi oxygen!

GTT: Glass Torch Technology (GTT)


The Scorpion Torch by GTT

The Scorpion uses the  Cricket as the center fire for this unbelievable torch.  The Scorpion has an 8 jet outer fire using GTT's new patent pending 100% surface mix design that optimizes 10 LPM or two 5 LPM concentrators with optimal results. The Scorpion makes the flame size of larger torches with fewer jets, owing the phenomenal performance to the newest GTT innovations in jet design. The Scorpion was designed with concentrators, low pressure and low consumption in mind. The Scorpion runs great on one 10 LPM concentrator, two 5 LPM concentrators or tanked oxygen for optimal results for soft or hard glass.

Special Thanks to Maureen Buckley McRorie of FlameTree Glass for obtaining this donation from GTT.  FlameTree Glass sells GTT torches in their Atlanta, GA store or from their website  www.FlameTreeGlass.com

Mikes Brass for Glass


Rounded Links Press



Mikes Brass for Glass


Fleur de Lis Press


Nijenkamp Glass Studios   NGS 

Kristy Nijenkamp


Bullseye color reference bead chain

All 113 Bullseye rod colors (lustres, opaques, streakies, opals and transparents) in a bead form threaded onto a ball chain for easy storage and carrying.  Each bead has the color number inscribed onto it from a Ti-Pen (Titanium Pen).  Also included is a laminated Bullseye Color "fan deck" attached to the bead chain that lists each color, number and denotes striking colors



Mountain Glass Arts, Inc



Asheville, NC

Ti-Pen Glass Writing Titanium Pen


Donated by:

Studio Marcy (Marcy Lamberson)




Carlo Dona Tweezers

One finely honed pair of Carlo Dona tweezers direct from Murano, Italy.  


Donated by:

Southern Flames

Japanese Torch and Glass

(used for demo only)



Dick Blick Roswell Store


Alvin Ice Tube

For storing transporting glass rods

Nijenkamp Glass Studios   NGS 

Kristy Nijenkamp


Effetre color reference bead chain



Donated by:

Andie Kosak

Graphite bed/marble mold front/back 5/8 inch with 3/4 inch



Donated by

Don Meadows

Parallel mashers


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