by Walter Green


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Setup for Bead Photos

The photo set up is made of watercolor board cut to size for two sides and back and base. Even the base can be omitted. The side panels have several holes cut to give several positions for the mandrel.  You can slide colored construction paper in the back for background colors that enhance your beads or necklace/bracelets sets.

You don't need a tripod or extra lighting. You can get good shots with it set on a table and use books to adjust your camera height. You will need a "macro" (extreme close-up) function on your camera. The flash will provide a slight shadow for depth. If you want to get creative, put other objects in the background to create themes for your bead photos Your imagination is your limit.

The great plus for this photo setup is portability. Since it is just boards taped together (leave it to a guy to find a way to bring duct tape to beading!), you can fold it flat and take it anywhere. You can turn your flash off and set up different lighting for different effects that will, with the right background, create all kinds of moods for your particular beads.


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