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PMC Bead Tutorial A fully illustrated tutorial describing how to make a variety of beads from PMC Silver Clay.  It also includes a section on making a hollow bead on a silver clay core. (Note - it takes a couple of minutes for the file to download because there are lots of photos). Joan Houghton-Theall
X-Ray Microanalysis of Art Glass Surfaces (p.28)

 This paper published in Microscopy Today examines the metallic surfaces on five glass colors (Effetre Silver Plum, Dark Turquoise, Ivory, Rubino Oro and Kugler Gold Brown),and addresses the potential skin contact and inhalation hazards of each.  Includes electron microsopic photos of bead surfaces.

 Robert Simmons
2009 ISBG Gathering Tips A variety of tips on a variety of topics from the notes of Suzanne Patterson from 2009 Gathering Presentations. Suzanne Patterson
More Color Recipes Glass lampworkers, Kay Powell started a thread on mixing colors on Lampworkers, etc. and Wet Canvas...and compiled the information from other beaders into a fantastic chart that shows the resulting color...AND THE FORMULAS.  Kristy Nijenkamp
Margie's Muse -  Margie Deeb For the past 4 years Margie has been publishing "Margie's Muse," a free monthly color column available in PDF format. Margie Deeb
Drew Fritts Color Recipes  Drew Fritts in his book, Torchworked Marbles, Vol 1, Beginner to Intermediate Techniques  has a chapter on color mixing.  In the book he gives a link to see images of his recipe colors in a chart form. This is the link. The recipes are in the book and the book is in the SF Resource Library. Kristy Nijenkamp
Bead Photography  Tips for photography your beads from Shannon who did the photography for the 2008 Postcard. Shannon Brickey
Japanese Torch   Video of Diane Kovac demonstrating the use of a traditional Japanese Torch Andrew Lunde
Blooming Cactus Bead Tutorial Tutorial to make a blooming Cactus in Marcy Lamberson's whimsical style. Marcy Lamberson
Beads of Courage Tutorials    
Tutorial to make a bead for the Beads of Courage - Atlanta program.  This bead is given to a parent who has lost a child.  Copper Leaf is used to make a butterfly that can be placed in a garden of flowers.  Enamel color blends provide an impressionist-like background. The bead is wired so it can be worn Robert Simmons
Tutorial to make two beads for the Beads of Courage - Atlanta program.  One is given to a child for the completion of a nonspecific treatment and the other when a treatment is particularly difficult. Robert Simmons
Tutorial to make a bead for the Beads of Courage - Atlanta program.  This bead is given to a child who has completed  Bone Marrow Treatment. Robert Simmons
Tutorial to make a bead for the Beads of Courage - Atlanta program.  This bead is given to a child who has completed  Radiation TherapyTreatment. Robert Simmons
Tutorial to make a Piggy or Piggy face bead for the Beads of Courage children.  This bead is a special request from the kids in the program and Marcy created instructions which we can use to make some. Note: this opens as a PDF and most of us have the PDF already installed on our computers.  If you are having trouble opening the file contact the Web Mama Marcy Lamberson

A Basic, Almost-Foolproof Method for Working with Presses Without Going Totally Bonkers !  Want to make purple hearts for the kids that have completed their treatment, learn to do it by using a press.  And scroll down to the bottom where Andrea has some really good tips about bead release.

Andrea Winkler
EnviroSafety  Mask If you are looking or an inexpensive respirator try this one from EnviroSafety which sells for under $10.  Go to their Website and type in the SKU#  3MM8233 to locate it. Click here for a photo Margo Knight
Photographing Jewelry Check out this website for tips and techniques for photographing jewelry Dana Lunde
Free this Bead Can't get a bead off a mandrel.  Try soaking it in Vinegar. Margo Knight
Toolbox Kiln Tips   Don McKinney maker of the Toolbox Kiln has retired. Posted on this link are tips for programming, part replacement or troubleshooting any problems that may occur with your kiln in the future. Don McKinney
Setting CZ's  How to set sparkling CZ's (Cubic Zirconium) in your beads.  Techniques and Resources written by Karen Barefield to supplement her presentation on 2007 Demo Day. Karen Barefield
Viking Knit Chain A link to a tutorial describing how to make a wire knitted chain on the Fine Art by Rocio Web site. Alice St Germain
Electroforming Slide Show A slide show about electroforming process.  WARNING You may not be able to display this on some browsers or with some browser settings.  Also it will take a LONG time to load. Eventually the Web Mama will try convert it to a more universal format.  Robert Simmons
Electroforming Resources Sources for Electroforming Articles, Supplies and Kits Robert Simmons
Ventilation System Description and Photos of the Ventilation System that Whit Slemmons built for AndreaGuarino-Slemmons teaching studio. Whit Slemmons
End Caps Tutorial with photos for installing end caps on 3/8" hole beads. Larry Barefield

Jewelry Tutorials

(The Bead Shop)

A list of tutorials on simple jewelry techniques created by THE BEAD SHOP. Recommended by Marcy Lamberson.  

Lampwork How Tos & more

(Mid Atlantic Bead Society)

An amazing list of lampworking "how tos" and more assembled by the Mid Atlantic Bead Society - another chapter of the ISGB. Recommended by Linda Edmunds  
Rod Tip Heater A relatively inexpensive, locally available way to pre-heat rod tips, murrini, dichro, cane, etc. Robert Simmons
Alternative Murrini Molds Cant afford expensive metal murrini molds.  Try this inexpensive option. Sylvie Lansdowne
Bead Photo Set Up One way to light beads to photograph them Walter Green
1000 Glass Beads Book Review Walter Green


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