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JUly 17 4:00 pm. via zoom!!

shards! DEMO - Jelveh jefareian


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Members!  Send bead photos and your info for the Member Gallery Page!!

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The annual Southern Flames Bead exchange is coming to the August meeting!  So now is the time to prepare! This year, we will have a virtual event once again, with a couple of small changes.

Here’s the important info:

1. Please sign up HERE for the August bead exchange by Wednesday, 7/21 to indicate that you want to participate.

2. You’ll receive your secret recipient shortly afterwards. This year, you’ll be mailing your item directly to this person, minimizing the handling. Each participant pays to ship their item, there is no reimbursement.

3. Make your item by early August!

4. Take a photo of your bead, and send it along with your name and the name of the recipient to your Web Mama, who will be able to share the photo at the meeting after each recipient opens their package and have it ready to put on the website soon afterwards. 

5.  Pack and ship your item by August 10th - include YOUR info inside the package so the recipient will know that YOU are the artist who made it! (See note below about return address.)

6. Attend the August Southern Flames meeting on August 21st -
when we will all open our packages together!

Other tidbits:

If you want to prolong the mystery of who sent the package, feel free to use Beads by Design, 585 Cobb Pkwy., Suite L, Marietta 30060 as the return address.

You must indicate that you want to participate by July 21 since bead items are not being collected in one central place. 

If you have not yet renewed your 2021 membership, you can do so now and participate!  (See Link Above.)

If you cannot attend the August meeting, please send a picture of the bead you received and any comments you would like to share to your Web Mama before August 21st so everyone can enjoy seeing all the beads!

Happy Torching!


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Also, now is a GREAT time to become an ISGB member and get involved!  They've got a lot of new activities planned.  Check it out HERE!

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To help prevent the spread of the Corona Virus, upcoming Southern Flames Meetings will be held via Zoom!  

See the Announcements page for details.

Please Stay Safe.  Be Well.

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FlameTree Glass is open at their new location!  Check out their website at



Beads of Courage is in DESPERATE NEED of our beads!

Please go through your stash and mail what you can to Stephanie White at Beads by Design 

See Announcements for additional BOC information.

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The Southern Flames 2021 Postcard


 Photography by Lynn Short and Other Flames Members.  Layout by Jennifer Fisher.

Links to Artist Information and Postcards from Past Years


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The ISGB Journey Book is Inspiring!!

Part 2 is Available NOW!

  Journey is a glimpse into the evolution of ISGB members who are sharing their personal growth in beadmaking while supporting our organization. This fundraising effort, open to newcomers, well-known lampworkers, or like many of us, somewhere in between, was open to all members. Some chose to show just their current work while others included a visual timeline from their early days working with glass to now. 

 See the cover and the Southern Flames' pages HERE, and order your copy at:  

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